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        Integrated Solution to Build a Digitized Unmanned Factory
        We provide our customers with the rapidest and the most economic all-round service by customizing machine tools and offering equipment rental service.
        Meanwhile, we provide an integrated solution to build a digitized unmanned workshop and even plant by integrating resources in the industry.
        Ston Robots, founded in September 2010, is the first batch of professional companies in domestic to research and produce truss industrial robots. The technical management team has 12-year experience on researching and producing truss robots, filling in the blank in the field of large-scale and heavy truss robots in China. Ston is now leading the industry.

        Ston is a national high-tech enterprise with the authentication of ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environment management and 18001 occupation health safety management system; Won the Title of the Seventh Top 50 Enterprises with the Highest Investment Value in China. In 2012, the famous domestic VC companies Suzhou Delta Capital Center (limited partnership) and Zhejiang Silicon Paradise Hesheng VC Co., Ltd. joined in us, giving full support to the development of Ston Robots.
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