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Stone robots: work with you into the "wisdom" made era


In the process of industrial restructuring, industrial robots is bound to be popular, production automation will become a trend. At present, China's industrial robot market sales booming, the future unlimited. In China, the stone robot Changzhou Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "stone robot") is an industry leader, has a number of patents, developed a variety of products in line with European standards. Stone for customers including industrial robots truss robots, CNC machine tools and equipment financing, including integrated full-service, with Germany Gleason, FAW, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other famous enterprises to establish a good working relationship, epigraphy lead "machine Substitution "Drive China" wisdom "made the upgrade.

Automation is the development direction of China's manufacturing industry, while the robot is an important indicator of production automation. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, China's labor costs rising, corporate profit margins continue to be squeezed. With a large number of trade unions to push production costs, but also to the personnel management and goods seized control pressure on the pursuit of low labor cost is becoming a trend.

According to reports, 2014 to September 1, China's industrial robot sales totaled 33,600 units, an increase of 32.5%, the annual sales volume is expected to reach 45,000 units. Pundits predicted that China's output of industrial robots in the coming years up to 10 to 15 billion yuan, set design, development, provided the finished unit, complete sets of equipment, and service in a complete industrial chain will gradually build.

Motor vehicles and parts industry is the major application areas of industrial robots, 3C and other general manufacturing industries demand for industrial robots is also doubled. The past two years, machine loading and unloading (including sheet metal), stacking and handling, sanding and painting as well as the needs of the rapidly growing areas of casting; the future needs of the automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and power transmission and distribution industry will continue strong into 2017 the demand for metal forming machine tools these industries are expected to average annual growth rate of 9.7%.

In line with European standards to promote the "machine Substitution" development

Stone Changzhou Co., Ltd. is the first robot development and production of industrial robots truss professional company, is currently the largest stone robot speed truss robotic products exceeds the maximum acceleration 300m / min, the product of more than 1G, product greatest ability to crawl over four major ton, a national initiative "tabbed" robot language system MC5 (robot controller core system), provides a perfect truss robot control platform, which is compatible with a variety of integrated intelligent processing program, is the robot controller change and innovation. Stone launched the world's first Chinese Simplified "label language" robot control system, with roller guide technology and safety braking system, determined to fill the gaps in the metal-cutting machine automatic loading and unloading robot, do the most professional metal cutting machine automation unit supporting companies.

For general industry, stone robot can meet the needs of large-scale corporate stock purchases, especially in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other developed areas of manufacturing customers. Stone robot launched "machine" total of three series, is a mature product and standardization overall package solution. The machine is compatible with a variety of similar parts, carry out flexible production, to shorten cycle times and adapt to mass production. With stone machine, customers can set up large-scale unmanned factory in a short time to do a 16 to 20 people on duty machine tools, significant savings in labor, improve production efficiency.

The automobile industry is technology-intensive industries, is the competition between technology and equipment companies, epigraphy robot uses European standards in the promotion and implementation of the country's first roller guide. From 2004 onwards, the stone robot developed automatic loading and unloading CNC machine tools, robotic systems, and now with the entire line of design and manufacturing capabilities, pioneered the machine tool industry automation for high volume applications. At present, this system has been successfully used in automated production line crankshaft, sync, auto pistons, cylinder heads, transmission housing and so on.

To provide comprehensive services for your golden touch

Can be more convenient operation using robots is the customer's needs but also the direction of the stone robot innovation, both in product development, technology development and services, stone robots are working hard for customers to create higher value-added. In cooperation with the manufacturers, not only eliminates the need for cumbersome multi-party negotiation process, more affordable prices and convenient tool to enjoy the purchasing process, automation and financial support for our customers improve work efficiency while effectively reducing the overall costs and funding pressures .

June this year, Shandong Binzhou Bohai Piston Co., Ltd. The total investment will be 330 million, with an annual 2 million high-power diesel engine piston aluminum processing plant digitized general contractor to the stone robot, which contains 170 million purchase of CNC machine tools and other equipment by stone robot is responsible. The total billions of dollars of orders, also marks the stone robot has been advocated collaborative manufacturing model into the fast lane. This opportunity, the integration of automated production lines and robotic digital manufacturing management, manufacturing model is changing the country by the Chinese manufacturing to China, "wisdom" made into a critical moment in the corner overtaking.

"Machine Substitution" is not the ultimate goal of helping companies create more value is fundamental, stone robot launched the "machine" standard truss robot to achieve mass production, product stability can be guaranteed, while prices fall, allowing customers to quickly recovery of investment costs. 2014, stone robot is expected to achieve an annual output of 1,000 units of industrial robots truss to achieve the goal of 2,000 machines replace operations workers. Stone robot that "machine substitutions," the ultimate goal is to help companies create more value. In addition, the stone also hopes to develop a robot to adapt to conditions of the reducer, silos, controllers and actuators gripper and other core components, and strive to push forward with our customers and end into the "wisdom" made era. 

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