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2014 Stone robot supplier appreciation grand opening - Germany SOMMER, Festo and other outstanding supplier award


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December 19, epigraphy robot Changzhou Co. Supplier of the Year 2014 will thank grand opening. Meeting with "together, win-win" as the theme of "professional dedication, sincere cooperation and mutual support," the spirit stone robot summary sincere partner with suppliers, planning for the future, and discuss development plans, is committed to China truss robot contribute to the cause!

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Stone, chairman of Mr. Liu Jinshi robots and other company leaders will attend to thank. Mr. Liu Jinshi chairman pointed out at the meeting, "2014 is the first year of the robot industry, the robotics industry in 2015 will usher in a huge market. Faced with the opportunities, epigraphy and supplier partners should work together, pushing to win everything with value-oriented customers, increase innovation, improve product quality, reduce costs, spare internal strength, to achieve quality, technically upgrade the brand on jointly respond to changes in the market. "Meanwhile, Liu pointed out that the stone robot and supply To strengthen communication between providers, Freemasons remaining places, creating a win-win cooperation.

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Mr. Fei, general manager of the German SOMMER, commercial music, Mr. Yang, vice president of Schneider in China, Southern Region Manager Ding zhiliang Mr. Siemens and Festo, SMC and other Japanese suppliers of more than 70 core brands represented at the meeting. For 2014 overall cooperation, the stone robot at the meeting to 12 suppliers were awarded the "Excellent Quality Award", "Outstanding Supplier", "Special Support Award" three awards. SOMMER and other providers won the "Special Support Award", Festo, etc. won the "excellence award", the chairman of Mr. Liu Jinshi award personally, and special thanks to Germany SOMMER, Schneider, Festo, Siemens and other core brand has been on the stone the company's support.

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SOMMER Germany as the world's most advanced robotic actuator manufacturer, has 40 years of relevant technical experience, product performance and stability, unanimously approved by the industry. SOMMER inception as the oldest stone robot suppliers brands, four years of wind and rain on the stone's companions, let gold 石人铭 support to heart. Vendor representatives that in his speech, "not adhering to accept bad products, not create bad products, not out of bad products business philosophy", strict quality control, in accordance with the management of each vertical stone robot industry production procurement system for its own promotion requirements laid a solid foundation, and enhance market competitiveness.
Through this conference, stone suppliers friend clearer understanding of the stone robot company's overall strategic planning, more determined to build China's stone industry's first industrial robot truss brand confidence. Stone robots will be convened this meeting as an opportunity to seek greater breakthroughs and achieve greater leap!

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