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  • Product Name: HUB机器人
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  • Added time: 2015-02-05
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HUB Conjoined Robot

Conjoined Robot

Standard model needs no propose a projected

Robot system can be operateright away once you purchased it

The formation of large-scale plant in a short time

With HUB, one person can monitor 16machine tools


    HUB Series belongs to lightweight robot systembelong toself-developed new generation structure, the main beam using rail lubrication block transmission mode, beams install multi-drive mode to achieve compact and lightweight, one HUB could completed two processes consisting the completion of two automatic production lines. We recommend CNC machinesto equip HUB series robots to process disk-shaped and shaft parts for its short cycletimes and mass producing. Standard modular design facilitate small extent of transformation of the CNC machines, and after the transformation one can still transform operation between automation and manualso as to avoid equipment downtime.



HUB exclusive features:

1Unattached machining system for processing shaft parts, such as flanges, gears, bearing rings, motor parts, car rims, disk shafts, pins, etc.

2HUB can complete both positive and negative processeswhen equipped with swing silos and flipping units;

3A HUB with two machinessuitable for most parts need two processes’ processing with low cost;

4HUB using packaging technology shorten commissioning time in the customer site

5Particularly suitable for the transformation of user-site machine


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